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The barn

June 28, 1960: The double doors of the now-fabled red barn swung wide, receiving the first guests of novice restaurateurs Thad Eure, Jr. and Charles Winston. What was this mysterious red building perched atop a hill so far from civilization? Unbeknownst to all, that June night many years ago, the southern gentlemen with no previous restaurant experience established both a landmark and a legend far outside of Raleigh where nobody else dared conceive success.

our story

Since our inception, generations continue to make the Angus Barn, affectionately nicknamed “Big Red” by Thad, Jr., a cherished part of their lives. All guests experience what Thad Eure, Jr. and Charles Winston originally envisioned: incomparable hospitality; excellent value; a meal of impeccable quality; and the rich, rustic Americana ambiance for which the Barn is known across the globe. Now owned and operated by Van Eure, daughter of the late Thad Eure, Jr., her husband Steve Thanhauser and staffed by a loyal, hardworking team, many of whom have built their careers here, the double doors of the Barn open 363 evenings a year serving an astonishing 25,000 steaks per month.

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