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In the most unlikely location of Dumas, Arkansas lies Taylor’s Steakhouse, a dream of Chuck and Pam Taylor, now 12 years old and exceeding all expectations. 

Pam Taylor runs the front of the house with great efficiency and enthusiasm greeting customers from near and far.  It is not uncommon for private planes to land at the airport for in-person dining, or even takeout.  And on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night (the only nights they are open), you often see limousines and luxury cars from Little Rock dotting the parking lot next to pick-ups, SUV’s and farm trucks.   And Little Rock is 90 miles away. 

Behind the scenes Chuck takes pride of ownership to a new level; personally, selecting ALL the Prime Beef for the restaurant, wet and dry aging in-house, cutting and finally cooking to perfection.   

This is fine dining of a different variety and many customers have proclaimed a Taylor’s Steakhouse Steak to be the best steak they have ever eaten in their lives.   

The Steak House Hall of Fame is proud to welcome Taylor’s Steakhouse to our list of iconic inductees.  They embody the mission statement of our Foundation by exemplifying a restaurant family that “puts their heart, soul and reputation into every meal served.” 

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